Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Adobe Flash Tutorials 2.0

I started FAFT 4 months as a side project to help me learn more about the web. Sharing my experience with Flash was a good reason to engage the online community with something substantial to offer. I've learned so much from others, I felt I had something to give as well.

It's been exciting how much I've learned and grown through this experience. My site has now received its first major overhaul. I aimed to improve the design of the site aesthetically, make it easier to find and watch the tutorials, post more links to other tutorials and resources, extend the podcast videos to youTube, provide revenue opportunities so that I can continue the site, adding a blog, and the biggest change was adding a forum.

Adding some of these features, now allows to not only be a resource for Flash instruction, but a place where everyone can come together and learn from one another.

It's a project that I have been very excited about. To watch it grow and hear from some of the users has been a wonderful experience. I take each positive and negative feedback with an open mind and aim to use that information to make a better site with more useful information. Hope you enjoy it.

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Clance said...

Thank you for your efforts here. I have always wanted to learn more about flash CSS ect. And you have done a pretty good job helping me understand the basics. Thank you Kindly and I'll be following your videos on miro as well as visiting your site and referring others